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Mommy Makeover NYC

While motherhood can be a wonderful and rewarding journey, it can also leave lasting changes in your body. Many women are left with loose or stretched abdominal muscles, sagging skin, loss of breast volume, stubborn belly fat, and other unwelcome changes in the body’s contour. A mommy makeover combines procedures designed to address these adverse physical changes to achieve a body shape close to what you had before pregnancy. Many New York City women who choose this procedure once again feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

A board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience and training, New York-based Dr. Tomer Avraham understands the unique needs of mothers. He has used his expertise, combined with a compassionate and personalized approach, striving to deliver the best mommy makeover NYC offers. He has helped countless women achieve their aesthetic goals after childbirth.

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The Ideal Candidate for a Mommy Makeover

Ideal candidates for a mommy makeover in NYC are moms who:

During your initial consultation for a mommy makeover in New York City, Dr. Tomer Avraham will discuss your goals and recommend the perfect plan to help you feel confident and beautiful.

Benefits of Mommy Makeover

Many of Dr. Avraham’s mommy makeover patients experience the following benefits:

  • Get rid of loose skin and stubborn fat pockets that pregnancy left behind.
  • Restore a toned and sculpted tummy and improve your overall body definition.
  • A mommy makeover may remove or significantly reduce stretch marks.
  • Look and feel amazing in clothes that used to hug your curves perfectly.
  • Feel confident and proud of your body after the incredible journey of motherhood.

Restore Your Post-Baby Figure with Skill and Precision

A mommy makeover is the procedure of choice to help you reclaim your pre-baby figure with expertise you can trust. Dr. Tomer Avraham is one of the finest plastic surgeons in NYC, with extensive experience in mommy makeovers. The surgeon utilizes advanced techniques and pays great attention to detail to address loose skin, stubborn fat, and stretched muscles. The surgeon’s ultra-personalized approach from surgery to recovery has also become very popular with his mommy makeover patients.

Tailored to You – Procedures Performed

Dr. Avraham offers a highly customizable mommy makeover procedure regimen with a combination of procedures designed to achieve your precise goals. Your mommy makeover surgery in New York may include any combination of the following procedures:

Minimally Invasive + Lipo 360

Not every mommy makeover requires major surgery. This is why Dr. Avraham will be happy to discuss minimally invasive options for women seeking a more subtle approach. Liposuction 360, for example, uses smaller incisions to target stubborn fat deposits around your entire torso. This may help smooth and contour your figure without the extensive recovery of a full tummy tuck.

Mommy Makeover Procedures Approach

Mommy makeovers are typically performed under general anesthesia to ensure comfort and safety throughout the procedure. During the surgery, Dr. Avraham will carefully address each area of concern based on the combination of procedures required. The exact length of surgery depends on the specific procedures selected but generally falls within the range of 3-5 hours. Patients may be required to stay overnight before they can go home to continue with recovery.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

It’s common to experience some initial soreness and swelling, especially over the first few days, but these are easily managed with medication. You’ll be asked to prioritize rest and take light walks over the first week or so. Strenuous activities should be avoided until you get the green light from Dr. Avraham’s office. A support system, especially with childcare at home, can make this phase smoother. How long it takes to resume work will vary based on the specifics of your surgery. Dr. Avraham’s office will be able to provide individualized instructions to ensure a smooth recovery after a mommy makeover in New York City.

Mommy Makeover Results

Women who have undergone a mommy makeover can expect a smoother, tighter tummy and sculpted physique. Stretch marks might fade significantly. Depending on the procedures selected, breasts may appear perkier, fuller, or lifted. You may be able to slip back into your favorite clothes with newfound confidence.

Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost

The cost of a mommy makeover in NYC will vary based on factors such as the specific cosmetic surgery procedures you choose, the complexity of your surgery, facility fees, and anesthesia costs. Many of Dr. Avraham’s patients in NYC can expect to pay between $7,500 and $25,000 for this treatment. Mommy makeover surgery is typically not covered by insurance. However, there may be exceptions. For instance, if a breast reduction is deemed medically necessary to alleviate chronic back pain caused by overly large breasts, that specific procedure might have some insurance coverage.

Why Choose Dr. Avraham For Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Dr. Tomer Avraham is passionate about creating personalized mommy makeover plans for his patients in New York. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with up-to-date training and extensive skills performing this procedure, he is equipped to provide a pleasant surgical experience for each one of his patients. Contact Dr. Avraham’s office at Avraham Plastic Surgery NYC for one of the best mommy makeovers New York has to offer.

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